Review of Final Design

Personally I am proud of what I have achieved in such sort time but I also feel disappointed in myself with my final design. I feel that the design went really well but I wasn’t able to make it exactly how I wanted to.


I felt like I wasn’t able to just add words to the poster, I would have to outline the objects (Mic stand, microphone & music noted) to 100% identity what they are. I was unsure which colour(s) to use. Eventually I decided on a light grey as it wasn’t so obvious but identified the objects easily.

For the text I could not decide on a colour to use. I felt that if I made the colour brighter for the more popular the genre of music is, it would make it easier for the audience to identify as well as the text size enlarging the more popular genres of music.

I decided on the colour green as it was easy to see the text no matter how bright or dark the shade. Originally I wanted to use purples and pinks because I thought they would stand out but that didn’t work out too well. I eventually found that green worked very well so I stuck with it and ended up liking it.


I spent so much time trying to find fonts to fit the music genres. I felt that if I created a font which would fit the genre well as it would also help the audience identify with the topic and I thought it would make a nice touch.

I was upset with the choice of fonts in Inkscape, they were lacking and uninspiring but that was the consequence that I made to use free software. The fonts in Inkscape were simple and not interesting but I feel that I did the best with what I had to work with.

Another fault that I found with Inkscape is that I wasn’t able to adapt the fonts to move and bend them around the shapes to fit in the microphone, stand and music notes. I wanted to mold the words around but I was unable to do that so I then had to adapt to this occurring problem, however, I do feel that I successfully overcome this problem.

Overall look:

I feel that the overall look of the poster is really good but I felt it was hard to make it look simple. I didn’t want to overcrowd the poster as it would be harder to read. So when creating the overall look of the poster I had to take into consideration that it would have to be simple for it to be easily read. I felt that creating simplicity is hard and achieving this made me personally proud.

I wanted to have a lot of white space on the poster so it wasn’t so overwhelming and hard to read/understand. I feel that creating this makes the poster look really good. The more complex and filled the poster, the harder it is to understand.


In conclusion I am very proud with what I have achieved because I am not used to Inkscape and it was my first time ever using the program. The program was hard to understand and use but I personally feel that I have done well to create what I have intended and wanted. There were delays and things that didn’t go well during creating the poster but I personally feel that I overcome these problems well and I am very proud of myself for what I have created and achieved.


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