Inkscape is a little dated and hard software to use in my opinion due to it not being the most up-to-date program. I found it rather hard to get used to. It was hard to make a lot of changes to my simple design as I wasn’t sure what all the buttons did. I feel like I have achieved a lot using Inkscape as it is a hard program to use. To start with it was incredibly overwhelming and scary but after spending many hours using the program I adapted and started to recognise and get used to a few buttons. After completing my design I still felt like that Inkscape was hard to use and complete my design 100% but I did my best and I put many hours into the completion of my work. The best thing about Inkscape is that it is simple. The worst thing about Inkscape is that because it is simple I wasn’t able to create my full vision and design. In conclusion of my review on Inksape, if I was to complete the project again I would rather use Illustrator than Inkscape because Illustrator is more modern, easier to use and allows you to make your vision more precise.


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