Initial Research Into Topic

To start of I stated with Google, like most people do. I typed into Google ‘What types of music are the most popular?’ and there were so many results. However, none of them actually had a clear answer because the topic of my choosing is always changing and down to people’s opinions. A different audience will determine a different result. Meaning that I came to a realisation that using websites like Billboard and Vevo which I intended on researching would be long winded and would determine a certain result. Thus I have decided to ask a range of people ‘What types of music are the most popular?’ with the use of a multiple choice survey, choosing the top 3 they think are relevant to the question. This allows me to find out what people think in a fair way using primary research. I thought I would get a few of my friends and work colleagues to complete the survey. This survey is as followed:

What types of music are the most popular?

– Folk

– Disco

– Pop

– Punk

– Country

– Blues

– Pop Punk

– Hip Hop

– Rock

– Rap

– Classical

– R’n’B

– Electropop

I had to get some help from Google, UK top 40 and vevo to find 14 genres of music which are highly popular, known by most and fit a wide span audience. I feel that if I ask 15 people to fill out this survey will give me a rather accurate result which will help me make my poster.


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