What type of music is the most popular

After definitely deciding that I would base my project around the topic ‘What type of music is the most popular?’ I needed to think of a rough idea of a concept for my final piece, the A4 poster. With the inspiration from the typography art in my first post I have decided that I will create my own version of that for my final piece. Initially I wanted to create a pyramid to show which genre is on top and inside the pyramid the genre name would be there created up of words, the words would be music artists and bands which contribute to that genre being the most popular. But then that was a dismissed when I asked other’s their opinion on the initial concept. They felt like it was a bit too messy and because so many music artists cross platform their music with multiple genres, meaning that the message of the poster isn’t entirely clear.

Going back to beginning of a typography styles final piece I then had to think of something that the words would be in. I couldn’t do a guitar as not every music artist will use a guitar. Thinking of an object or recognisable shape which is connected to music is incredibly hard when thinking about every genre of music. I finally decided that I would have a plane background most probable to be white. Then in the white space I want a microphone, made up solely of words. The words will be the genres of music. The bigger the text of the genre name, the more popular the genre of music is. I don’t want this in the middle of the page because I want to add a few musical notes around the top area of the page. Meaning I would like the microphone to be located slightly to the bottom right of the poster. The musical notes will be located towards to top and left of the page. I would like these notes to be created up of popular names in the popular music genres, however, I am not specifying which genre their music belongs to, to avoid arguments and miscommunication. The reason why I feel that these musical notes are important to the poster are to specify that the topic is based on music as well as added a bit more, but not too much, to the page.

Personally I think this is a brilliant concept as it isn’t too busy, the shapes and objects are recognisable and relevant to every music genre. The message is clear as bigger can easily define more popular with a line of text at the bottom of the page potentially. I think this concept can work out really well if I do it correctly. I may struggle a bit but I feel that it will look incredible if I can perfect it. I am really looking forward to creating this now


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