The brief

Today in our first lecture on this topic we were introduced to the brief of this project which will last 6 weeks. Honestly, I really like the sounds of this project as we have to produce a poster around a topic of our choosing from a pre-made list. This helps us focus on a particular project and helps us think of our project quicker by choosing a certain topic from the list. The poster must be created about communication design. According to Google, communication design is “a mixed discipline between design and information-development which is concerned with how media intermission such as printed, crafted, electronic media or presentations communicate with people.” The way I interpret this using an example is having an audience understand the message perceived by the user no matter how they have been taught how to understand a message. For example, many people see a light-bulb above a person’s head and without words the majority of the audience will know that means the person has a brilliant idea.

The topic which I initially think I can related to most and think I will choose ‘What type of music is the most popular?’ as my topic as I am highly interested in music and I feel that my research can e efficient and clear as I have background knowledge on popular music. I will be getting my research from friends and online. I think I will get some of my research from Billboard, UK top 40 and Vevo. I’m sure I will be able to find a few more places to find helpful in my research during the course of the project.

Searching Google for some inspiration was fun and I managed to find a few pieces of work which I really enjoy. The artist has taken a person who is popular in music and they have created a portrait of them simply out of the names of their songs which I think is brilliant inspiration for this project for me as everyone can recognise the music artists straight away and looking at the word (the names of their songs) the audience know that they’re that artists songs as well as recognising a few too.


beyonce-music-seanings-sean williams-design-illustration-beyonce knowles-singer-diva-jayz 1_900

Katy Perry:





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